Monthly Archive: November 2014

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4 Basic Points Of Seller Finance

“Seller finance” (some of the older folks say “vendor finance”) has been gaining some steam in investment circles. Some of you may have probably heard the term before and wondered what it’s all about....

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HMO Investing FAQs Answered!

Investing in an HMO is in right now, because of the high yields. If you want to jump on this bandwagon, here is a simple list of FAQs on how to get your property...


Benefits of Investing In Income Properties

Income properties are properties intended for income generation and they can either be categorised into commercial real estate or residential rental properties. It should be noted that when a person acquires a home BMV...


4 Big Renovations for Big Returns

Want to add value to an investment property? Thinking about ‘flipping’ a property? Here are some common ways to make money with big projects that offer large returns. 1. Lofty Ambitions Does your property...


4 Ways to Work Estate Agents to your Advantage

Estate Agents are not the most popular of people. In fact, it’s not unusual to hear them compared unfavourably to criminals and rodents. Thankfully the truth is a little less clear cut, and there...