Market And Sell Your Properties Effectively Through The Internet

We do everything with the help of the internet these days and, unsurprisingly, selling a home is now one of those tasks we can accomplish online. While seeking the help of estate agents isn’t completely obsolete, sellers looking to save on their expenses are now boldly selling and marketing their properties on their own through online property portals.

The obvious route to selling properties online is to get your property on the big online portals like Zoopla and Rightmove, but you may have a little difficulty selling through these portals since estate agents and private sellers are the preferred advertisers on these sites.

As an alternative, you can advertise your property for sale on websites which provide these services for a one-off or monthly fee. There are also some websites which act as online listing services and others which act as online estate agents that can help you with the whole selling process.

easyProperty, Tepilo, House Simple, the Little House Company, Hatched, and eMoov are just a few of these websites. You can also google a few others if you want more choices.

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Taking a good picture matters when selling a house online.

After setting up a profile on one of these sites, your next task is to take a spectacular picture of your house for sale. Try to get pictures that feature the highlights of the property, since these will be the only references buyers will have of your property. Remember that you have to make the buyers fall in love with your property at first sight.

The next step is coming up with an informative and attention grabbing caption that will accompany your photograph. Honestly, I still consider it a challenge coming up with a winning caption on my own, so I’m sharing with you the advice from a master in this sort of things – Rick Otton who has shared very unique marketing strategies if you have attended one of his speaking events.

In one of his more recent podcasts, he talks about what to focus on in your ad copy. Interestingly, he says not to be too excited about features and benefits because somewhere out there will be another house with better features and benefits. So if the focus is all on the property’s highlights, it will always be difficult to compete. Instead, he advises people to focus on the “opportunity” your listing brings.

So for instance, if a seller is willing to be flexible with the payment on the deposit (e.g. spreading it in 6 months instead of demanding it in lump sum), that opens up the opportunity to a whole range of buyers who may not have £20,000-£40,000 deposit at the moment, but can surely come up with that amount in increments spread in 6 months. If that opportunity was the highlight of your ad, it drives more buyers to your listing because you just presented terms that are easier to comply with than all other listings out there.

Granted, this is just one example. But it shows how easily you can differentiate your ad copy by highlighting opportunity. So in summary, let your pictures highlight the features and your copy drive the opportunity. That is your winning combination!

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