Why You Are Having Trouble Selling Your House

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Hidden Obstacles Sellers Have To Confront

There are a lot of reasons why you’re having a hard time selling property. Some are easily identifiable like overpricing and unpleasant interiors. But there are some which cannot easily be seen. In this entry, I’ll be sharing with you 2 hidden obstacles which are preventing you from selling your property:

Emotions are getting in the way of your goals

Let’s say you’re selling a house together with your spouse. Based on my experience, whenever there are 2 or more people selling property together, there’s always a possibility that one party is more committed to selling the property compared to the others. In a situation like this, expect to have conflicts.

For instance, the non-committed member may delay the entire process like neglecting to clean up his room before a scheduled viewing, or forgetting to relay an important message to the real estate agent a few times.
Divorce is another hidden culprit in property transactions. Buyers can somehow sense disharmony between the sellers and this may push them to second guess their decision to buy.

Disharmony can manifest itself not only with the verbal interactions of the sellers, but also through physical manifestations throughout the house separate bedrooms and messy rooms.

Thus, whenever you feel like some emotional issue is affecting the sale of your house, you better make time to talk to the involved parties and sort out your differences first. In your discussion, it’s always important to emphasise that the sale of the property will be good for everyone. It always helps to resolve issues when there is a common goal for everyone involved.

The environment near your property

property price, selling property, selecting the right house to buy, selling a house, selling property

It becomes very difficult to sell if your property is located near a known flood zone.

New research for Esure revealed that 45 per cent of homebuyers in the UK now think that flood risk is a primary consideration when selecting the right house to buy. The same research also revealed that property prices for houses located in flood prone areas like the South-West grew at a slower rate of 3.8 per cent rather than at 6.7 per cent which is the national average.

As a solution, some property experts propose that sellers in the area should start building electric flood gate systems into their properties. This can be a very convenient solution, but be prepared to spend money on it.

Another area of concern is subsidence, which happens when the Earth’s surface moves downward. When this event occurs, everything that’s attached to the land that moved follows along with it.

So what causes subsidence? In normal circumstances, the surface moves due to low moisture levels below ground causing the clay and foundation to sink. In extraordinary circumstances, it can be caused by collapsing drains, culverts, and hidden mine shafts or bell mines.

Once your buyer catches a glimpse of some irregularities with land in which your house is built, then they may choose to move on to another property. If you want to be sure that the foundations of your house are intact, you may want to consult with a developer who will be able to give you possible solutions just in case they spot problems.

Whether you’re already selling or just planning to sell, don’t forget to check your property for hidden issues like the ones I mentioned, so the transactions you enter can go smoothly.

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